YOUTH TRAINING (Grades 3 -7)


Living Lean’s Youth Athletic Training is an effective strength training program for kids in grades 3 – 7. The old notion that strength training for kids is unsafe is outdated and incorrect.  The truth is that kids can and should safely and effectively train using resistance, such as body-weight and other appropriate loads. 


Our Youth Athletic Training is NOT fat loss/physique training OR power-lifting. Our goal, as for all of our clients, is to get our young athletes stronger and faster, first and foremost. The current trend towards “Speed and Agility Training” for young clients has its place but can be misleading. The fact is that strength training, especially for young athletes, must come before speed and agility work. Athletes who are stronger are indeed faster, as general strength and explosive power training carry over to all aspects of athletics.


Our program is not necessarily sport-specific. What our young athletes will gain from our training will first correct program malfunctions that they may have learned (for instance, we won’t do heavy bench presses three days per week and some bicep curls and call that a program). Then we will focus on and develop the basics of strength training: pushing, pulling, squatting, etc. to create a solid foundation of strength, explosiveness and conditioning.