Abs & Asses

Don't let the name fool first glance, you might think "pink dumbbells" and "leg warmers" but let us assure you that this workout challenges the fittest and strongest of both our women and men. So c'mon guys, check your ego at the door...we're throwing down the challenge to you!


Our gym mantra has become "strength is the foundation of everything". If you want a better, leaner body you need to be stronger first. One of our most popular classes for men and women, this is a smaller class by design so you get the best coaching possible to get the best results possible. Never thought you could do a pullup? Give this workout out a try and you will not only do that, you'll amaze yourself with lots of things you never thought possible!

Legendary Legs

This hour will separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls. Every muscle fiber from your waist to your toes will be worked in this metabolic strength class. And since your legs are the biggest set of muscles you have, they have the potential to burn insane amounts of calories even after your workout is over…24 hours after!! Now THAT’S a great workout!

Muscle Beach

If you guessed upper body, you’re right! For both men and women, this class takes “beach muscles” to whole new level. This is the workout that will make people take notice that something is different about you…”What have you been doing?” is the question you should get used to after doing this workout!

Metabolic Meltdown

Both men and women will enjoy one of our most popular classes…don’t let the lack of dumbbells fool you. This is a fun, fast pace, little rest, super metabolic calorie incinerator. Your entire body will be worked from head to toe and front to back. No calorie or ounce of fat will be safe from being melted away during this hour.

Cardio Interval Training

So you say "I need to burn the most calories possible in my workouts!"  Well, your prayers have been answered with our Cardio Interval Training that will challenge your cardiovascular system to the maximum!  You will be thrilled with the results. These workouts are the perfect combination of high intensity cycle sprints and metabolic resistance training. So you get your cardio and your toning all in one workout. But, you gotta bring a good burn the calories you have to work for it!

Total Body

Another one for both men and women, this total body workout literally does it all. The best of the best in melting the calories away. You’ll be both strong and lean, not to mention your fitness level will go through the roof with this all in one workout. You’ll never have so much fun and feel as strong as ever while breathing so heavy. Moral support from your fellow classmates pushes you through and high fives are for a job well done and your badge of honor.


Yoga at Living Lean isn’t what you think; there are no dumbbells required. However, don’t be fooled, it ain’t easy! It’s a multi-level class where we combine Hatha Yoga (holds) and Ashtanga Yoga (series of movements) focusing on your breath and posture. Soft music, gentle stretches and mindfulness combined with some strength and flexibility work make it a must on your workout schedule. 

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