Group Personal Training classes at Living Lean provide an individualized training experience at a price that fits your budget.  Every exercise can and should be modified for each client, regardless of fitness level or injury history.  Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all training. Instead, fitness trainers are on hand to coach clients through the proper form and execution of each exercise, as well as to provide a guide for choosing appropriate loads.


Our Group Personal Training classes are specifically designed for fat loss through strength training. You get a different workout every day of the week. We are NOT partial to one mode of exercise for all training. In other words, we don’t only use kettlebells or the TRX, barbells, bosu balls or even dumbbells. We use them all for different purposes because no one training modality is best for everything.


We are pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, etc. which requires the most total body muscle activity and core strength to do the exercises and will burn more calories than you know what to do with! And yes, we’ll ask you to do all of this using more weight than you’re used to handling.


Not because we want you to look like bodybuilders but because every bit of research tells us that lifting heavier weights, in a circuit-style format, across your biggest muscles (or multiple muscle groups at the same time), with short rest intervals enhances the cardiovascular benefit and burns many times more calories as compared to traditional aerobic style training like running, biking, tread-milling, elliptical machine, etc. Sometimes up to NINE TIMES more calories burned because this training method forces your metabolism into overdrive long after the workout is done. In fact, up to 24 – 36 HOURS after! Aerobic training doesn’t come close to that. All that and your getting stronger, leaner, and more toned!! There is absolutely no better way to burn massive amounts of calories, get stronger, or look better than what we’re doing here at Living Lean, we guarantee it! If there was a better way, we’d be doing it!