Through years of research and self-study, Mark has developed programming for his clients that utilizes metabolic resistance training to improve overall health.  He found that his clients were able to make far greater gains in strength and increased mobility, decreased muscle imbalances (and therefore the risk of potential injury), and were able to dramatically reduce excess body fat.


Mark soon became known as the area’s leading authority for personal training as his clients got remarkable results.  People noticed and wanted to get in on the action.  Soon, the demand for Mark’s training led him to begin small group training where several clients could come together at once to get the workouts of their lives.

In June of 2011, Mark moved out of his original training studio to his current Living Lean location in Chagrin Falls.  While Mark still trains clients one-on-one, much of his time training is spent leading group training sessions.  Today, Mark’s philosophy remains the same: getting stronger through smarter exercise leads to dramatic fat loss.  Every client, regardless of age or fitness level, will benefit from increased strength.


Group training sessions consist of carefully planned combinations of exercises designed specifically to utilize the body’s largest muscle groups and use as many muscles as possible at once.  Short rest periods enhance the metabolic effect.  The workouts change frequently to avoid boredom and positive encouragement keeps the motivation high.  Mark’s extensive knowledge of how the body works allows him to educate his clients on proper form for each and every exercise, allowing clients to complete each workout with an understanding of how and why, not just to leave after a good sweat.  Additionally, between Mark and the trainers on his staff, every client is able to get the personal attention necessary to ensure that the workout is modified to support and challenge every individual.


At Living Lean, clients come together to change their bodies.  What many don’t expect is that they’ll change their whole lives.  Friendships are formed as people work towards a common goal and encourage one another.  Trust in the philosophy is gained as success stories are shared. Above all, Mark’s infectious laughter creates an overall mood that ensures that although we’re there with a goal in mind, it’ll be a lot easier if we can all have some fun!