Our passion to help you change your life continues with our Personal Training. Whether "change" for you means becoming stronger, leaner or just more well equipped to get through your day with more confidence, our staff of trainers won't let you fail.


Our Personal Training is an opportunity to get better acquainted with resistance training in a non-competitive, less intimidating environment. It won't be long until you realize that resistance training is the foundation for anything you want to improve (distance running, speed, fat loss, strength, less joint stress, etc.)


Personal Training is your chance to learn what most people don't know...that the treadmill just won't do. If you've been doing something long enough to expect a result and you're not seeing it, then change what you are doing! At Living Lean we guarantee one thing...RESULTS! 


Have an injury? No problem! We've trained our clients with a broken arm in a sling, an ankle boot and a total leg immobilizer! You're entire body doesn't need to suffer just because one small part is affected. 

Personal Training (one-on-one): $75 per person
Semi-Private Training (two or more): $65 per person
Complete the form below to email Mark Derry and the Living Lean team directly.  They respond promptly to every email and are anxious to communicate with you and help you start Living Lean!  Or feel free to call Mark directly at: 440-552-3239​