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Join Us For a 28-Day Challenge at Living Lean!

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Are You Up For Living Lean’s 28-Day Challenge??? New and former clients, click HERE to purchase the 28-Day Challenge! Curr...


Superhero Inspiration…

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What Inspires a Superhero? Every Friday is “Superhero Friday” for Jay and Erika Studdard.  They both rock their tough...


Living Lean + Rec2connect = BFF’s

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Living Lean + Rec2connect = SUPERFRIENDS! Are you ready to be a Rec2Connect Superfriend?  Click here to: Learn! Like! Donate! At ...

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Living Lean was established over ten years ago.  Owner Mark Derry saw a need in the Chagrin area for a smarter type of exercise–the kind that gets results.  Through years of research and self-study, Mark has developed programming for his clients that utilizes metabolic resistance training to improve overall health.  He found that his clients were able to make far greater gains in strength and increased mobility, decreased muscle imbalances (and therefore the risk of potential injury), and were able to dramatically reduce excess body fat.

Mark soon became known as the area’s leading authority for personal training as his clients got remarkable results.  People noticed and wanted to get in on the action.  Soon, the demand for Mark’s training led him to begin small group training where several clients could come together at once to get the workouts of their lives.